Pool Cleaning Tips For Clear Water

Are you wondering how to keep your new pool crystal clean and clear all season? If you purchased a home with a swimming pool or recently installed a new pool, you’ve come to the right place. Whether your have an above ground pool or a custom-built inground pool, these simple strategies and pool cleaning tips will keep your swimming pool clean and debris free this summer.

The summer is heating up and your family is ready to open the pool for the season. There’s only one problem: the pool water is so green it looks like Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster, could be living in there. When you can’t see the bottom of the pool, you know it’s going to need a serious cleaning and a big bottle of algaecide. Keeping your pool crystal clear requires the right combination of tools and chemicals plus a weekly maintenance regimen. Pools that have been lingering unused aren’t the only ones that require special cleaning techniques.

Know the Metals and Minerals in the Water

If you are filling or even topping off your pool from a well or municipal water supply, it’s crucial to be familiar with the metals and minerals in your water. Failing to take the proper precautions can result in permanent staining. Chlorine has the ability to oxidize or rust metals. If you shock your pool while there are trace amounts of iron or copper in the water, it can stain the liner, stairs, ladders and other equipment permanently. Fortunately, products like Ferritabs can sequester or chelate metals, so they are taken out of solution.

DIY or a Professional Pool Cleaning Service

Pool cleaning can be a simple thing you do yourself once a week , or you can hire a professional pool cleaning service to handle everything for you. Cleaning your pool DIY-style is the most affordable option, but it’s not for everyone. Professional pool cleaning services hired through your local pool store will bring their own industrial-sized vacuum that is ideal for large pools in excess of 20,000 gallons. Professional cleaning services with seasonal maintenance contracts will also test your water and apply the proper chemicals to keep your pool looking great.

Clean the Pool Yourself

If your opt to clean your pool yourself, you will need a flat broom for sweeping the walls, a mesh skimmer to gather leaves, bugs and floating debris plus a vacuum head, an extendable pole and a vacuum hose. These components typically cost $100 when purchased together depending on the length of hose needed. Pool vacuuming is accomplished by connecting your vacuum hose to your filter using the supplied vacuum plate or the hole located under the filter basket. Remember to purge air from the vacuum hose before attaching to your pool-mounted vacuum. It’s also important to check the weir and filter basket regularly to prevent your pool pump from working too hard. Leaves, frogs and bugs are a few of the items that can become trapped in the filter basket.

Automatic Vacuum

Cleaning your pool with a pool-mounted power vac isn’t the only option for sweeping debris from the pool floor. Many homeowners prefer to use an automatic vacuum pool cleaners that completes the job while they’re doing something else. Prices for these automatic vacuums vary drastically. Entry-level models start around $200 while robotic models sell for $1,000 or more.

With the proper tools, cleaning the pool doesn’t have to be a nasty chore. By testing your pool water regularly, shocking your pool weekly, vacuuming frequently and back washing your filter system, you and your family will enjoy a sparkling crystal clear pool everyday of the summer. If you find the water still looks foggy, grab a bottle or clarifier or sparkle plus and watch your water go from cloudy to clear.

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