Inground Pool Cleaning

Why Cleaning Your Pool Is Important

Do you have in inground pool and need to know how to clean it? Do you know how important it is to keep it clean? With a few easy steps, inground pool cleaning can extend the life of your pool and even make it run more efficiently.

To maintain a clean appearance, inground pool cleaning is a must. Not only does cleaning your pool keep it clean, but it also ensures you are getting the most out of your money. Say you haven’t cleaned your pool in a while and slowly, the filter begins to get gunk all over it. Now the filtering system has to run at least twice as long to do the same amount of work that a clean filter would. It is also necessary to clean an inground pool to make sure it is still safe for other people to use. If you neglect a pool, bacteria, algae and even bugs can start to take over your pool which not only looks completely unappealing, it is also unhealthy. By treating your pool with chemicals, shocking it, vacuuming it and clearing the filters, you can ensure that you will have a nice and clean pool for your family and friends to enjoy.

Inground Pool Cleaning Tips

Inground pool cleaning can be done manually or automatically. To clean a pool manually, you need a few pieces of equipment and some time to do the job.

Skimming the Pool

To start off, you should first wash the walls of the pool off with a hose to push any dirt or gunk into the water. After you have done this, start off by skimming the pool. Make sure you dispose the things you skim out in a trash bag or trashcan because if you toss it in the yard, it will most likely end up right back in your pool.

Cleaning Walls and Vacuum the Pool

Next, you need clean the walls of the pool off even further with a pool wall cleaning brush. Start off at the top of the wall and brush down in firm strokes. After this has been done around the entire pool, follow up by vacuuming the walls and entry areas. Vacuum the bottom of the pool last so that everything has time to settle. Be sure to use slow sweeps when you do this so everything stays at the bottom of the pool.

Clear Filter and Heater

You also need to clear the filter and heater of any debris. You can clear the debris from around the filter and also clean the filter itself to ensure that it is running efficiently. You also need to clear the area around the heater to ensure that it stays running.

Drain the Pool

If your pool is really dirty, it is best to completely drain the pool. When all the water is drained, hose down all remaining debris from the walls and bottom into a corner so that it is easier to dispose of. This needs to be followed up by cleaning the pool walls with a brush and cleaner to get rid of any algae on the walls.

Supplies and Costs

Automatic pool cleaners sell from between $100 and $500. A good pool skimmer can be bought for about $15 or cheaper. A pool vacuum sells from between $40 and $100 dollars, though replacement heads are much cheaper, costing around $20. Wall brushes can be bought for under $10.

Make a Pool Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning your inground pool regularly will reduce the work it takes to keep it clean. It helps to make a schedule to keep you pool clean, doing certain things on different days. Doing a little today reduces the work tomorrow.

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